Joe Cunningham, Quiltmaker
cell: 415 939 2602

Where I will be when:

October 3-7   California Modern Symposium

October 11-12 North Coast Needlers Quilt Guild

October 13-15 Great Lakes heritage Quilters

Nov 19-21 Friendship Knot Quilters, Sarasota, FL

Jan 20-22 Ann Arbor Quilt Guild, Ann Arbor, MI

Feb 9-11 San Joaquin Valley Quilter's Guild, Fresno, CA

Mar 16-17 Pride of the Prairie Quilters

Aug 13-19 Hudson River Valley Art Workshops

Aug 26-27 Colorado Quilting Council

Sept 8-9 Almond Country Quilt Guild

Sept 11-12 Tri-Cities Quilter's Guild

Sept 19-23 Utah Quilt Guild

Nov. 12-17 The Joe Retreat, Union, WA

August 14-15 Prairie Quilt Guild, Witchita, KS